The statistics information was copied from the MedellinInfo  Control Panel.  If you own a website, ask your designer to show you your websites Control Panel, and most importantly you're Home Page STATISTICS. 

It's free, you are paying for this valuable service.
Why not profit from your websites STATISTICS?

Each month monitors our STATISTICS to determine trends and areas in which we can improve our:
1. Design,
2. Text, or:
3 Our Promotion to the very important Search Engines. Of the 35+ STATISTICS which we can freely access, are most interested is the following:

MONTHLY VISITORS (see the above graph)
Currently we are averaging around 13,000 UNIQUE VISITORS per MONTH.  UNIQUE VISITORS is much more useful than the popular term "hits", which usually has little bearing as to the actual number of visitors to a website.  NOTE:  When you hear people brag about the number of "hits" their website is receiving, compliment them, and then ask: "how many UNIQUE VISITORS is your website receiving?" 99 out of 100 website owners don't know the difference!  Visitors relate to "people visiting the website, and Hits count the numbers of frames, graphs and photos which add to the total of the Home Page.

PAGES- show us the number of different pages accessed by visitors to our Portal.  The average is about 30,000 pages per month, or about 4 different pages are viewed by each UNIQUE VISITOR.

 Our "Mission": Use the Power of the Internet to improve the over-all economy, and most importantly, the options of the poor. thanks you for your continued support. Please bookmark this Portal, AND tell your friends.


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