PBH (PoorButHappy) posters speak out:


I am going to write a long post about this visit to Medellin, later this weekend. I am impressed! This is ONE INCREDIBLE CITY IN THE MAKING! Why do I say 'in the making'? Because everything, it seems is either under construction or,...'RECONSTRUCTION'. I would comment, that: Give this city about 5 years... and it is going to be one of the favorite world destinations.

Be prepared for tug on your heart…

as you walk the lovely calm streets of beautiful Medellin.

When the morning mist burns off and the sun shines on the majestic hills circling the city you will turn to your Amor-see the light in his eyes-and say: "Do you think we could live here"?

' a la orden!'

By Sam Salmon at Sun, 05/16/2004

Dont worry about it...

I recently stayed in Medellin a couple weeks and found it quite safe, friendly and relaxed for how bustling and big a place it is and I very much appear to be a tall blond blue-eyed Anglo. I publicly mentioned my US citizenship in public on several occasions and even got out my video-unit to tape the Botero Bronzes right in the heart of the city. I encountered nothing but general acceptance and goodwill. Walked everywhere in the center, day and night, never once felt threatened. Nice folks the Paisas.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your boyfriend's American-ness.

By p0gue at Sun, 05/16/2004

I lived downtown Medellin for…

5 months. When I arrived I didn't speak a word Spanish, when I left I spoke gringo-Spanish.

My experiences were:

1. Taxis are very safe, day and night. I took taxis close to 1000 times, and never had any problems. EVERY taxi I used had a taximeter which made the rides very cheap.

2. I really can recommend the disco "Blue" in El Poblado. Plays north American/European rock and roll. Best disco I have ever been to, tons of nice Colombianas. Bottle of Vodka or Tequila...cheap as hell. Actually Colombia ruined my nightlife...I get easily very bored when I go out in Norway.

3. Downtown is a little bit unsafe after 22.00. I think the army/police guys quit at that time and you also see "normal" people leave downtown. I was out after 22.00 many times, nothing happened to me, but I guess it is not recommendable.

4. At the beginning I was overcautious about security. Always left for the streets without my camera and my VISA-card. At the end of my stay I always had those things with me...Medellin isn't as unsafe as many people say.

5. Overpricing is no problem whatsoever in Colombia. For Scandinavians the problem is 10 times worse in countries like Italia, Spain and Portugal!

6. When you go out at night time: Be prepared to talk a lot. The Colombians, both men and women, are all over you! And contrary to many other poor countries, they do not seem to get in touch with you in order to get some advantages because you are rich. To me it seemed like they had a genuine interest in talking with me. Colombians are the greatest people I have met!!

That’s all, enjoy your stay!

By NorwegianMale at Fri, 08/12/2005

 The famous Medellin Metro…

 Roomy, nice-smelling and overall the best metro system I've ever been in. Compliment someone in Medellin on their metro if you want to make friends.


Medellin is wonderful…


with lots of art, culture, great architecture, cultured inhabitants an deeply ingrained family values. in my opinion they are the best Colombia has to offer. if you think you'll arrive and meet a socially prominent gal and just 'fall in love' the fact is, most likely, you'll just fall.

Forget all of the nonsense of entering into the upper strata of Colombian social life. that is a time oriented project and requires, ultimately, that you BE the part. You cannot fake it.

Colombians are obsessed with pride, and it's not necessarily ill placed. The upper strata are educated, travelled and cosmopolitan, and their manners far exceed those of an equally groomed American woman. They are groomed to a fault and cultured even better, and won’t for a moment put up with some fake ploy.

If you really seek that entrance--and are qualified--go there, live there, become a part of the community and society. Participate in their activities/charities/benefits, etc., join the country club and become known. Trust me; they will scrutinize you like you've never been scrutinized before. They don't turn their precious daughters over to some unworthy interloper...hardly, they'd shoot your ass first...with a smile. Trust me; there is not one ounce of jest in that comment.

Screwing with the landed class has landed more than one pretender face down in the mud. If you are serious about your pursuits, go about it in the proper, cultured fashion. Colombians are incredible, wonderful people...but at no level of their society are they fools.

Good luck.

Yes, Christmas here in Medellin is…

awesome. There are muchas fiestas during the two weeks before Christmas, and a Christmas light display along the river that has no rival in South America (paid for by estrato 5 and 6....).

One problem in Medellin is people work too much to party 24/7. But, most people don't work or study much in this time, so it's party central.

As Hunter said, many head out to their Fincas, but more often than not, these trips turn into real barn-burners (good parties).

By johnboy77 at Wed, 09/21/2005

The Medellin people are so friendly…

  I didn't see one fight or any scuffles when I was down there for almost 3 weeks........All the guys and girls treat you with respect, the girls may turn there shoulder on you, but that is just because you didn't interest them, But confronting the Colombian well Medellin people was so easy, everyone would help me when i had a question no one looked at me like i was stupid, and I don't see why Everyone wouldn't make a trip there over the other cities......I miss Medellin sooooooooooooooooooooo much.............chao

 By bamapits3 at 11/20/2005

 I have only been gone…

For 2 weeks and I miss Medellin so much. All those Americans that live there are lucky, but I guess when you have that retirement check you can do that. I will be back on February 25th, so its all good..........I haven’t stopped thinking about Medellin since I left and it is definitely a future vacation home spot.........

 By bamapits3 at 11/19/2005

The pepster's right...

Medellin, hands down. Climate, culture, art, architecture, food, ladies (although, '...las calenas son como las flores...', music, atmosphere, education, y mas. sure, it's personal preference, but give me Antioquia any day...over Cali, Rome, London, San Francisco, Miami, Beirut, Delhi, where ever... there's just something about Medellin and it's surrounds that beats, hands down, everyplace I've ever been; and that's a lot of places.


By dwmte at Thu, 11/17/2005

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